Workshop Overview

In part 1 we help participants identify what makes them unique and how to develop their story as a result. We will review their elevator pitch in on-stage exercises and provide each candidate with clear improvement recommendations

In part 2 we will practice how to turn achievements into memorable and engaging anecdotes that serve as the repository for CVs‚ cover letters and interview answers.

Upon completion, students will have understood the formula for effective ‘Storytelling’. They will have constructed their own professional stories and be able confidently implement these in any recruitment setting‚ enabling them to effectively illustrate skills‚ achievements and motivation through the use of anecdotes to create positive emotions with recruiters.

If you’d like to know more email Joern or Nicolas
at or call us on +47 944 21097.

Please note. For this workshop‚ familiarity with the concepts and exercises presented during the Self-Marketing Fundamentals workshop is obligatory. A lecture-style session is available on request to accommodate larger groups of students with limited availability of time.