Workshop Overview

Drawing from real examples both from our experience and also from the homework prepared by the participants, we will improve the candidates actual CV and Cover Letter in real time - rewriting achievements‚ creating or improving personal profiles, restructuring layout and focusing the content to the job in question.

Through the “on-stage” critiquing of their real material, participants will learn to answer the most common CV questions themselves rather than relying on textbook knowledge. Also included is an element on optimizing LinkedIn profiles.

After this workshop, candidates will leave with a much improved CV & cover letter, with the tools and skills to review, improve, change and re-invent these key elements throughout their careers.

If you’d like to know more email Joern or Nicolas
at or call us on +47 944 21097.

Please note. For this workshop, familiarity with the concepts and exercises presented during the Self-Marketing Fundamentals workshop is highly recommended but not essential. It can also not be presented in lecture format.